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Self PortraitMy name is Joe Meneilly, and I've been an artist all my life. Some of my earliest memories are of drawing in classes that I wasn't supposed to be drawing during, and my parents tell me my interest went back even further than that. Sorry about all those walls... I graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Syracuse University's Illustration program in 2000. While in college I had one of my pieces selected for the 1999 Society of Illustrators Annual Scholarship Competition.

Upon completing college, I was full of hopes and promises and headed into the real world. I managed to pick up a few murals, including one rather large National Grid Rainforest Mural for the Rosamond Gifford Zoo in Syracuse, NY. I had a few illustration and portrait jobs, but I also had some rather large student loans and college debt staring me in the face. In 2003, a Syracuse based construction company by the name of Hueber Breuer Construction Co., Inc. offered to train me from the ground up in an Assistant Project Manager position. I had grown up in the construction industry, and my father and grandfather had both worked as Superintendents with Hueber Breuer. It wasn't an opportunity that I felt I could pass up, and a couple years later I was moved up to a Project Manager position. I spent six enjoyable years with Hueber Breuer, and am grateful to them for the tremendous education that I received while working there, and for the fact that I am no longer mired in debts, but instead have startup money to take another venture into the business that I've always loved most!

But that is the past, and now I am moving on to the path ahead, and I hope that along the way I might meet some of you who take an interest in my work. I've recently started my new business, Meneilly Art Studio, based out of Syracuse, NY. I am offering Illustration, Portrait, Mural, Web Development and Giclée Printing Services. I have invested in a Canon imagePROGRAF 6200 printer, featuring12-color archival Lucia pigment based inks and 30,720 print nozzles offering 2400 x 1200 dpi with 4pl droplets of ink. When combined with my top quality archival canvas and paper substrates, I can offer the finest in Giclée printing services. I have professional photography equipment and a fully functional graphic arts studio, running software that includes Adobe DreamWeaver, Flash, Illustrator and Photoshop. So please, take a look around my site. I hope that you enjoy what you see, and I hope that I can help you in some way, whether it be painting or drawing an illustration, portrait or mural for you, building a web site for you, printing your own fine art reproductions, or even printing your favorite photos at Giclée quality.